This developed model will be useful to Surat Municipal Corporation, Archaeological Survey of India, tourism department, public works department.

The local community in Surat will benefit from appreciating the value of the regional heritage and will contribute to improve its conservation through more sustainable ways of using it.

Organizing permanent displays, laser shows, light and sound shows, exhibitions, along with heritage Food Street and other entertainment spots.

Surat tourism businesses will enormously benefit from the enhance credibility of the region as tourist destination.

The developed model will be used to demonstrate the entire heritage building life cycle.

Heritage information model will be useful to assess their condition and repair and preserve their glory and history.

This developed model can be viewed as a virtual process in all aspects, disciplines, and systems of a facility within a single, virtual model, allowing all design team members to collaborate more accurately and efficiently.

The academic community will benefit from having available new knowledge on techniques, methods and state of conservation.

Researches can easily compare the all information and data and develop other useful plug-ins as per their requirements.

This study will inspire all concerned research scholars to carry forward the work for better management of heritage buildings.