Dr. Chika Udeaja is a programme director (PD) for the construction project management (CPM) in the school of the built environment (SOBE) at the University of Salford (UOS), Manchester, UK. As a PD, Chika has the overall responsibility of leading and delivering the undergraduate CPM programme. He is also involved in teaching both in the undergraduate and postgraduate BIM project related modules in SOBE. Prior to joining the School, Chika worked as a site engineer and as a design engineer before undertaking postgraduate studies in Concrete structures at Imperial College London. This was followed by a spell as a bridge engineer in Malaysia. When he came back to the UK, he undertook a postgraduate research in Construction IT at the London South Bank University. On completion of his PhD in 2002, He joined the University of Newcastle as a research fellow, and was involved in developing CAPRIKON and other research projects. Chika’s career as an academic in the UK started in 2005 at Northumbria University as a lecturer and later promoted to a senior lecturer in the School of the Built Environment. In Northumbria, he has delivered a variety of modules ranging from construction technology to project management tools and techniques at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has led a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Northumbria University. Chika has supervised numerous PhD candidates to successful completion and examined several PhD candidates as an internal and external examiner. Currently he supervises eight doctoral students at different stages of their research work. Chika is a co-author of Capture and reuse of project knowledge in construction, a book highly recommended for construction industry professional. He is a committee member (CM) of ARCOM and also a CIOB member. As a CM, he has been involved in facilitating doctoral workshops, both nationally and internationally. His motto has always been to work with other members to advance knowledge in the area of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) management fields. Chika’s research interest is in the application digital and intelligent systems to support transformational improvement in the field of built environment fields. His current research focuses on exploiting BIM and intelligent systems in optimising project delivery and also in supporting decision making in construction and infrastructure projects. Chika is also the principal investigator in this project and will bring his expertise of managing project in the past and BIM skills to explore how best the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Surat can be visualised to inform the citizen of their rich tradition and heritage.